2lo The Sounds of Power                           

            He's Behind This -  William David


2lo - The Sounds of Power is created by William David.

This is the latest extension to the work that began with The Halfling Project in 2014.

Sounds of Power once again draws some of it's influence from Lord of The Rings which often features within the dramatic multi media aspect to the project.

It also draws on the varied passions and career paths of it;s creator William David.

Histomania features the history of things events and changes over the last Century to this.

Dramania introduces drama and creative aspects to those with little or no prior experience.

It is as a project designed to build personal self confidence within those taking part.

Act4ward is a more advanced version of Dramania for those who already have drama creative experience - perhaps wanting to make Drama a career professionally.

Not all work is for the internet viewer - so the websites are a "look in" to the work and maybe an encouragement for others to join.

More information about the individual features and scope within the projects can be found as you read through the information provided within the website.

2lo - The Sounds of Power is designed to be an educational and informative work, and operates as a not for profit venture.

Commercial aspects of the work are not included within Sounds of Power.



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