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Diary of a Project


Welcome to the online diary of 2lo Sounds of Power a new mixed media project for 2023 from William David. 

This new project spawns from my work last year celebrating 100 years of public service broadcasting and returns after a break to working in drama again with the inclusion of Dramania and Act4ward, and the new work with Histomania.

Backed by my work on The Halfling Project this new venture should keep me [and those involved] busy for this year .

The diary is simply a way of reporting a bit of what happens along the way given that work here can have a long lead time before you get to see it.

The formal opening date for the diary is March 2023

At the start of this diary I would like to acknowledge my thanks to James D who features in the early part of the trial work and been helping me for years and to actor Joe Booker who has taken over from him. Also actors Oli Cowlishaw and Josh Richardson and to Steve Farrell because it so happens all 4 have featured or about to feature in his online  drama/web soap "Our Town" which I am sure will get regular mentions as we move forward.

All we need now is a few more people working with the project and we are set for a busy year.

Welcome to 2lo Sounds of Power.

William David


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